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ez peeler - mediocre and inorganic

ez peeler does not exist, but if they did, they would be tangerine.

The first release by ez peeler, mediocre and inorganic, is a scrapbook audio project discussing the idea of the self within a capitalist hellscape. Using new technology and old instruments they create an image of what creativity would feel like if Industry had survived. A blend of spoken-word, lo-fi beats and tone squashed guitar, find yourself immersed in what music may have been.

bad first impressions

Reminiscent of true 90s to *10s rap and hip hop, mediocre and inorganic begins with an introduction to ez peeler as a wordsmith. Text to speech, cuts in and over a rhythmic, garbled synth piano. EZ PEELER In any and all ways it could be said. EZ PEELER While ez themself attempts step through the noise. EZ PEELER Finding their voice and taking up the mic just as the track seems to end. I'm fake, but existence is overrated, the first words to ring out from ez demonstrate their feeling of dissociation from the self, alongside a flippant disregard for the need of existence in the first place. The track ends with a calm acceptance of themselves, preceded by fruitful body horror.


You're in a lift, bord. The muzak and trap beats tango with each other while ez discusses their pores and attempts at baking. Sliding from this into an echo chamber, encompassing a synth pop doodler just really feeling it. Time has just not stopped, not stopping may be a reference to our post Y2K society; how despite being initially dragged back a considerable amount, we have since engaged in a revolution. Time by way of system may be locked in the past, but time by way of human will always be present.

get pitted

The first use of sample also highlights the comedy in ez peeler. Get pitted has a flare of classic poop editing with the chop and change of a news interview. All the while an emo guitar and bass loop the poop with a strong retro video game beat driving it forward.

chucking up

Chucking up takes the pace down a fair few notches. Crushed guitar struggles against the low tone ceiling, riding the shoulders of the bass harmonics. The crack of the snare consistent throughout, that the middle-eight that lacks it seems to raise the final chorus higher than the ceiling that kept it. The lyrics put the listener in a soaked town centre after vomiting on the pavement. I think I can speak for everyone reading when I say, mood.


Orson Wells, the man, the man, the... Man. Renowned by many as one the best pre19*00 directors, renowned by everyone else (including ez peeler) for his wine commercial out-takes. Aaaaaa is about improving through experience and age, and about worsening through age and experience. It's a track of transition, of learning, before we head into a less personal and more creatively existential place, with John Steinbeck.

John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck is a phone call to author John Steinbeck about what meaning within creativity even means. If I want you, the reader, to feel something specific when you read my words, I need to pick them very carefully. What you feel, I can only hope, will be the intention I put into this piece. But someone else, due to their differing experience of these words may feel very differently about it. Does their feelings mean I have failed at my job? No. And yes. And maybe. Ez peeler puts this idea into a song combing all aspects of this orange's music up to this point.

fuccit! feat. CHEAP THEATRE

Last song, fuccit! Bill O'Reilly breakdown! The closing track is ez giving anyone listening the advice of fuccit. It's brimming with hope and a sick as all hell beat. Try not to move when listening, you cannot. Closing the closing track is a feature by CHEAP THEATRE a band unknown as of yet but we can hope to hear more from them soon enough. They build a wall of noise then kick it down to a half time head banger. Maybe not the most conventional way to end a hip-hop release, but ez peeler is pretty far from conventional.

In summary, mediocre and inorganic is an introduction to ez peeler. An entity who has always been, and may always will be. Only through witness will they manifest, and this time, as all times with an EP. Ez peeler could not be reached for comment, their current whereabouts are unknown.