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CHEAP THEATRE is a group of one who just want to dance!

Thoughts are shared and things must be created. They may only be here in passing, but with this release they capture a spirit of motion and change that's evocative of the turn of the century. There's an organic feel-good vibe that runs through the music despite the occasionally gruesome and always heartfelt lyrics. This is the same band that worked with ez peeler on fuccit, so when we found that they had written more while they were here we thought we should share it.

everybody's EMO phase

When you're looking for an opener, you need it to be interesting as a single song, hooks you immediately and something catchy enough to make you want to re-listen. Tick, tick, tick. Strong intricate rhythm set up by the first guitar keeps the stuttering lead guitar and bass on track. Then the introduction of the trumpet section guides us into the jazz room. A jazz room that is abruptly wrecked by a math-rock see-saw. And from the rubble and debris the finale stomps, creating a foundation on which we stand and witness the rest of the release.


For a second track GRIN and BEAR does a lot to ease us into itself. Meandering guitar leads us down a path where drums will kick us around for fun. We hear that it's all just a little much when, personally, I'd be fine with more. Bass enters as all others leave, bringing the trumpets with it. And now we're into it, the echo chamber of lead guitar ping-pongs around the introduction while bass shadows it. A grand entrance hall of brilliant white, people stating their discomfort, we walk forward. Hit a wall of noise. It's gone. It's back. The carpet beneath us whisks us down the hall to the waiting stage. We fall but are still moving. Approaching with speed that dissipates as we arrive. Climb the steps, one at a time. You don't want to fall. Grazing the horizon is the face you see behind your eyelids. Top step, say your piece. Run.

body HORROR!

The third track encapsulates the title of the release, movement to noise. Switching between a swaying waltz and sharp shocks to the system. Keeps you on your toes. Showcasing every increment of the separate sections, unsure if you have time to rest, or if you'll be driven forward again. All the while our vocalists share their thoughts on mutilation. Should you dance to this? Ethically?

aaaaand IN-TRO-DUCING (feat. Pussyfoot)

With a band of this size, you need a track where they can showcase their flare. This'll do it. Every instrument gets a couple of bars to show off, not as long as your usual jazz solo but enough for the purpose of the track. Like all the tracks before it; there are peaks and troughs, it flows wonderfully, and, to new ears, there are unexpected twists. This is a very fun song despite it's subject matter. Pussyfoot's vocalist takes centre stage before the crescendo to lecture us on the cruel practises that pre-2K government employed in the creative sector. Musicians and artists not being paid for work they produce with no feasible way to live on their art. Too much of people's time spent working menial jobs to survive and having little to no energy or time to work on their craft. Arts are an essential part of life and we now of course publicly fully fund it. However, it was fucking awful beforehand.

In summary, CHEAP THEATRE is a lot crammed into a small space, and this release is bursting with energy. They also take a page out of ez peeler's book and feature another artist on their last track. I'm sure we'll hear something from Pussyfoot soon. But for this band, as far as I'm aware, they prefer to work with others, rather then themselves, so we may see them featuring on other folk's releases to come.